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Knots to MPH
(16-22 Knots Good for Dune Soaring)

05 Knots = 5.8 MPH
10 Knots = 11.5 MPH
11 Knots = 12.7 MPH
12 Knots = 13.8 MPH
13 Knots = 15.0 MPH
14 Knots = 16.1 MPH
15 Knots = 17.3 MPH
16 Knots = 18.4 MPH
17 Knots = 19.6 MPH
18 Knots = 20.7 MPH
19 Knots = 21.9 MPH
20 Knots = 23.0 MPH
21 Knots = 24.2 MPH
22 Knots = 25.3 MPH

23 Knots = 26.5 MPH
24 Knots = 27.6 MPH
25 Knots = 28.8 MPH
26 Knots = 29.9 MPH
27 Knots = 31.1 MPH
28 Knots = 32.2 MPH
29 Knots = 33.4 MPH
30 Knots = 34.6 MPH
35 Knots = 40.3 MPH
40 Knots = 46.1 MPH
45 Knots = 51.8 MPH
50 Knots = 57.6 MPH

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Current Surface Weather Maps 

Current Radar Image

Loop | Unisys | Weather Channel

Intellicast Radar

(Red links are for local conditions)

Current Eastern Tropical Satellite Image

Coastal Marine Forecast Outer Banks NC (NOAA)
Local Forecast Outer Banks NC (NWS)
Nags Head Wind Forecst Chart (NWS) NEW***

Manteo / Hourly Details (Weather Channel)
Manteo (Wunderground)
Elizabeth City / Hourly Details (Weather Channel)
Elizabeth City (Wunderground)

Forecast Charts
Forecast Chart Manteo (USAirnet)

Unisys Weather

Current Conditions for Nags Head North Carolina

Click for Forecast from 4WX.COM


Every thing revolves around the weather on the weather on the Outer Banks. We have so many activities to offer such as hang gliding, kite surfing, kayaking, fishing, surfing, parasailing, windsurfing and more. We are also a popular destination for family vacations and weddings.

The climate of the Outer Banks is affected by the Gulf Stream. The average January temperature is approximately 41 degrees and the average July temperature is approximately 79 degrees. The average annual rainfall is 48 inches.

The hurricane season will start in June. Be sure to check out some of the local Outer Banks Hurricane links below to keep up with all the action.

Dew Points Top

Current Dew points
North Carolina (NWS)

(Red links are for local conditions)

Hurricanes Top

National Hurricane Center (NHC NOAA)

Operational Significant Event Imagery Tropical Events (NOAA)
Current Atlantic Infrared Satellite (Unisys)
Current Atlantic Visible Satellite (Unisys)
Current Atlantic Water Vapor Satellite (Unisys)
Current Significant Event Imagery (Unisys)
Tropical Weather Discussion (NHC/NOAA)

Dare County Emergency Management
Outer Banks Hurricane Information

Local Emergency Management Information Links:

Re-entry Information
(800) 446-6262

If you have any questions call your local Emergency Management Office:

Stage 1

Critical need personnel (identified by special permit issued by the Municipal Mayors and the Chairman of the Dare County Control Group)

Stage 2

Permanent residents and resident property owners (Must have a reentry permit identified with an "R", Dare county drivers license or a current Dare County Tax receipt)

Stage 3

Non-resident improved property owners (Identified by a solid color permit or a current Dare County Tax receipt)

Stage 4

General public

Jet Stream Top

10day Jet Stream Forecast (Weather Street)
Current Jet Stream (Wunderground)

Lightning Top

National (Weather Channel)
Southeast Lightning Map (Accuweather)

Radar Top

Local Radar
NC Base Reflectivity-Loop 

Mid Atlantic:
Still Image / Loop (Intellicast)

North Carolina:
Still Image (WITN TV)
Base Reflectivity Radar Still Image / Loop (Wunderground)

(Red links are for local conditions)

Satellite Top

Outer Banks (Wunderground)
Mid Atlantic Infrared (Intellicast)
Currituck Airport (Wunderground)
National Visible Satellite (Unisys Weather)
Enhanced Infrared Satellite Image Still Image / 3 Hr Loop / 12 Hr Loop (Unisys Weather)

(Red links are for local conditions)


Outer Banks Boarding Comany
Ocean Map with current bouys & ships readings(
Wave heights, periods, & directions  (NOAA)


North Carolina Sunset & Sunrise Charts (

Temperatures Top

Current Temperatures
North Carolina (NWS)

(Red links are for local conditions)

Tides Top

North Carolina Tide Charts (

USNO Master Clock Top

(Refresh to update time)

UTC Time

(UTC) = Universal Time Coordinated,
Greenwich mean time
(GMT), Zulu time, Universal time,
 World time.

April -October
(Spring Forward)
Begins on the first
Sunday in April
October - April
(Fall Back)
(Begins on the last Sunday
 in October)
0000 8 PM 7 PM
0100 9 PM 8 PM
0200 10 PM 9 PM
0300 11 PM 10 PM
0400 Midnight 11 PM
0500 1 AM Midnight
0600 2 AM 1 AM
0700 3 AM 2 AM
0800 4 AM 3 AM
0900 5 AM 4 AM
1000 6 AM 5 AM
1100 7 AM 6 AM
1200 8 AM 7 AM
1300 9 AM 8 AM
1400 10 AM 9 AM
1500 11 AM 10 AM
1600 Noon 11 AM
1700 1 PM Noon
1800 2 PM 1 PM
1900 3 PM 2 PM
2000 4 PM 3 PM
2100 5 PM 4 PM
2200 6 PM 5 PM
2300 7 PM 6 PM
Local Time Subtract from UTC:
Eastern Standard - Five hours
Eastern Daylight - Four hours


Weather Maps Top

National (NWS)

Morning (Weather Channel)
Afternoon (Weather Channel)
Evening (Weather Channel)
Current to 12 Hour (RTWD)
Current to 4 days (84HR) (RTWD)
Current to 8 days (180 HR) (RTWD)

Mid Atlantic:
Mid Altantic  (Intellicast)

Forecast chart
Forecast Chart Manteo (USAirnet)

(Red links are for local conditions)

Web Cameras Top

Nags Head Pier Webcam
Sea Ranch Webcam
Avalon Pier (With wind sock)
Manteo Airport
Manteo Downtown
Manteo Waterfront
Kill Devil Hills Beach WebCam
Kill Devil Hills WebCam 2
Wright Brothers National Memorial WebCam
Field Research Facility Imaging System
Ocracoke Airport
Duck Pier Webcams
Cape Hatteras Light House
Rodanthe S-Curves
Hatteras Surf Webcam
Hatteras Mile Marker 17
Teach's Lair Marina
Outer Banks Coffee Company Webcam
OBX Traffic Cams (Traffic Land)

Nags Head Cams:
East Facing
West Facing

(Red links are for local conditions)

Wind Top

Knots to MPH Chart


North Carolina (NWS)
Manteo (NOAA)
Norfolk (NOAA)
Elizabeth City (NOAA)
Duck Alternative (NWS) (NEW)

Hatteras (NOAA)
Off shore Buoys (NWS)
OuterBanks (IWINDSURF)

Written Forecast
Currituck Beach Light To Oregon Inlet (NOAA)
Manteo (Weather Channel)
Manteo (Wunderground)
Elizabeth City (Weather Channel)
Elizabeth City (Wunderground)

Forecast Maps
Morning (Weather Channel)
Afternoon (Weather Channel)
Evening (Weather Channel)

Current to 12 Hour (RTWD)
Current to 4 days (84HR) (RTWD)
Current to 8 days (180 HR) (RTWD)

Forecast charts/ Models
Forecast Chart Manteo (USAirnet)

(Red links are for local conditions)

Links Top

California Regional Weather Server
CNN Weather
National Weather Service
NWS Newport NC
Operational Significant Event Imagery (OSEI)
Real Time Satellite Data Animations
Real-Time Weather Data
Storm Prediction Center
U.S. Commercial Weather Vendor Web Sites
Weather Bank
Weather Channel
Weather Images (Mark Brooks)
WITN 7 WeatherTeam

Clubs/Flight Parks
Capitol, Maryland Hang Gliding Associations
Central Carolina Tow-To-Soar Club (NC)
Highland Aerosports Flight Park (MD)
Blue Sky (VA)
SW Virginia Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association
Unites States Hang Gliding Association
United States Ultralight Association (USUA)

United States Time Information
Official East Coast Time (
Official US Time (
Standard Time Zone Conversion (USNO Navy)
Daylight Savings Time Zone Conversion (USNO Navy)
Time Service Department (USNO Navy)

Rogallo Foundation
First Flight Society
Capitol Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club
Wind Riders Hang Gliding Club
Currituck County Airport (Official site)
Jockey's Ridge State Park
Fin-Nagle Fishing Charters Information
Ark International Church - Nags Head, NC
Outer Banks Family Portraits